How to Automate the Business Process with Web Applications

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

  • It allows the use of technology across the organization by integrating with all existing software applications
  • An EAI application includes web services integrations, content integrations, service-based architecture and business processes.
  • It allows transfer of information between different platforms and devices.
  • The user can maintain all forms of information and access the data in real-time
  • Social Networking Application

    • It provides wide connectivity
    • It initiates sharing of real-time information
    • It provides a platform for advertising
    • Increase the spread of news across the communication channels
    • Rich Internet Application (RIA)

      • Streamlined flow of information
      • It provides data visibility, integration with existing software, enable product or service customization
      • Faster retrieval of information
      • Improves business conversions
      • How to build an effective web application

        To build an effective web application, the organization should focus on the following steps:

        • Build database architecture
        • Design a workflow map
        • Create Responsive design for your web application
        • Add functionality and user interactions
        • A web application can be built effectively by hiring an expert web application development team to create automated web software precisely for your businesses. Growing business need a web application to maintain managerial information, monitor employee performance and to build the customer relationship.

          Tags : Enterprise resource planning, Textile ERP and Enterprise Application Integration

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