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AES is one of the leading custom web application development company – expertise in building powerful and adaptable custom web application for your unique business needs. With 18+ years of industrial experience, we have offered premium Yii custom applications for wide industrial clients across the globe. Our effective solutions solve the complex business operations with its interactive interface, excellent design, constructive coding and user-friendly access.

Our in-house Yii development team is highly knowledgeable in delivering business-specific Yii custom web applications and website or portal development services. With the understanding of Yii framework libraries and development tools, our Yii team can render comprehensive, manageable and faster custom web applications.

Our Yii offerings

  • Yii custom web application development
  • Yii enterprise application development
  • Yii application design and development
  • Yii application upgrade
  • Yii application maintenance and support

Why Yii?

  • Extreme performance:

    When compared with other frameworks, Yii offers faster performance to your application. It provides a statistics report of varied frameworks which explicitly denotes the count of requests written on the framework that is processed by second. Higher the number greater the performance of the framework.

  • Secure and scalable:

    Several security measures like preventing cross-site scripting, cross-site forgery request, and cookie attacks are automated in Yii framework.

  • Advanced widgets:

    Yii enables excellent customization for your application by allowing the user to add different widgets or extensions when required.

  • Excellent controls:

    Yii offers a diverse of controls for form Validation, authorization and authentication to secure your complete application.

  • MVC architecture:

    Like CodeIgniter, Yii also follows MVC architecture to build a structured, well-coded application with a layered design which is suitable for building any fast performing, secure application

  • Cache facilities:

    It provides several useful components to store cache information from all media. Yii supports meme cache, segment caching, X cache, and DB related cache.

  • Adapt with third-party codes:

    Yii is capable of working with third-party codes like ZEND and PEAR framework.

  • Faster development:

    Yii is enabled with auto code generation option and Error handling mechanism to develop error-free, effective coding for your application. With its code reusability function, you can add future enhancements to your existing application.

Why AES?

  • Agile development standards
  • Customized Yii application
  • After sales Maintenance and support
  • Expertise Yii developers
  • We Follow MVC standards
  • Frequent communication via email, phone, Skype and instant messengers.
  • Complete client satisfaction
  • Transparent service
  • No server requirements: It enables the developer to work in multi environments.

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