SeedDMS Web Hosting Company

Backed by a team of SeedDMS expertise, AES Technologies provides comprehensive custom web hosting services to all kinds of businesses. SeedDMS is an open source document management system which is built by using PHP and MySQL; it is an enterprise platform which helps in storing and sharing the documents. SeedDMS provides enormous web-based features that include full-text search, web-based UI, storing all earlier document versions, user, group management and more. SeedDMS is compatible with all display screens; it manages your files and documents similar to the hardware file system.

By leveraging the SeedDMS platform, we offer world class dedicated server hosting and cloud server hosting services.

Our SeedDMS offerings

  • SeedDMS custom web hosting
  • SeedDMS cloud web hosting
  • SeedDMS dedicated server hosting

Why SeedDMS

  • User-friendly:

    SeedDMS is a simple and fast performing platform which helps in building private storage and enterprise applications.

  • File search:

    It offers additional metadata like author, keywords, and other attributes to help in improvising the search capabilities. It indexes the file types of common documents such as Doc, Docx, PDF for full-text searching.

  • Quick assistance:

    With wide developer community, the assistance on seedDMS development is made easier by contacting the developer through email.

  • Document and folder creation:

    It enables the user to create more than one version of each document which consists of the actual document content. You can perform several updates on the document by still having access to the previous versions. The file and folders are created similar to the computer hardware.

  • Quick workflow:

    SeedDMS is built upon the simple workflow management process provided by LetoDMS. It enables the self-directed workflows by avoiding the request for review or approval of the document before the release.

Why AES?

  • Specialized SeedDMS developers
  • Frequent client communication
  • Custom web hosting services
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Custom application development
  • Effective web or cloud hosting services
  • Agile standard of practice

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