Fat-Free Web Application Development Company

AES Technologies is a professional offshore development company based in Coimbatore, India. We are highly specialized in Fat-Free framework custom application development services; Fat-Free is an open source PHP micro framework which is used to build dynamic applications for all levels of businesses. Our comprehensive custom application development model involves in requirement analysis, project prototype, design, coding, quality assurance, maintenance, and support.

Our Fat-Free application will automate your business processes and reduce the time on complex business operations. With our progressive application development by utilizing advanced technology platform, you can take your business to the next level.

Our Fat-Free framework offerings

  • Custom Fat-Free application development
  • Fat-Free enterprise application development
  • Fat-Free application upgrade
  • Hire Fat-Free developer
  • Fat-Free application maintenance and support

Why Fat-Free framework?

  • Easy to use:

    Unlike other frameworks, Fat-Free or F3 is less familiar, but it offers enormous built-in features and components for developers to elevate faster development.

  • Database compatibility:

    The Fat-Free framework is capable of supporting both SQL and No SQL databases.

  • Minimal loading time:

    Since it is a micro framework, Fat-Free reduces the loading time of your website.

  • No configuration:

    It reduces the time in configuring the system for the framework as it adapts faster on any platform.

  • Multilingual applications:

    Fat-Free framework helps in developing a lightweight application with user-friendly features; it is best suitable for building multilingual applications.

  • Built-in components:

    It has many built-in packages like image processing, testing, CSS compression and more.

  • Efficient coding:

    F3 eases the developer work by writing error-free code and assists in building powerful applications.

Why AES?

  • Expertise in Fat-Free application development
  • Work for your complex requirements
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Adapts to your changing requirements
  • Agile standard of practice
  • Importance to client satisfaction
  • Error-free application

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