Does your website require frequent updates of contents?

MODX CMS can be your answer! AES offers powerful and flexible MODX solutions that are molded to your unique design. We are proficient in bending MODX the way you want.

MODX Platform: MODx Evolution 1.0.4 | MODX Revolution 2.2,MODX Revolution 2.2.6
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Modex Development Services

  • PSD to MODX Theme
  • Custom MODX Theme design and development
  • MODX (CMS) Customization
  • MODX Design Integration
  • MODX custom modules development
  • MODX responsive HTML5 website development
  • Mobile application development
  • MODX website maintenance
  • MODX website SEO
  • MODX Technical Support
  • MODX Upgrades

Modex Technologies

  • PHP 5.1.1 and above
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Ajax, jQuery, MooTools, ExtJS, Prototype
  • Ecommerce integration via Foxy Cart

Search Engine Friendly

All the search engines love MODX… With MODX, your site will have a better visibility on all the popular search engines. With the in-built SEO feature, be sure to acquire a site that has a good ranking and visibility. Be at par with the search world changes… with the power of MODX!

Built for the Future

MODX is structured in such a way to grow and scale to meet future demands and traffic. Hence, MODX can grow along with your business being your partner in success.


Get a website that relates to all regions… MODX supports multiple languages, empowering the developer to build sites based on the client’s region.

Easy to Use

MODX manager unveils an intuitive experience to the website administrator providing an easy and rewarding website administration and content management without any technical know how. For a more personalized experience, the manager can be fully customized as per the convenience of the site administrator. Multiple sites can be easily managed from one manager. Rich contents like photos, embedded videos, PDFs can be systematically managed without any hindrance.


MODX’s sophisticated architecture paves way to building highly secure and a robust system. MODX exhibits controlled access to published contents. Hence, editors and content managers have access only to their precise area of responsibility.

Works Well on All Devices

The outcome from MODX is not dictated to perform in a particular way; hence the site performs well on all available devices including PCs, tablets, smart phones, Chromebooks etc. It can fit well into future systems too…


Any sort of requirement… MODX is designed to handle them. With its powerful and highly customizable templating system, you can get your dream come true.

Play Around with Multiple Technologies

With MODX, you are not hooked to a specific technology. Yes… You can choose the latest/preferred front-end technology for your content presentation. The back-end infrastructure can be chosen to fit the organization’s need… be it Linux or Microsoft the choice is yours!

MODX has been wit fully designed to scale along with your organization. We build MODX sites that scales to handle increasing traffic accommodating millions of visitors per day. We keep your site enhanced, loaded with new features yet keeping it cost-effective.

Witness the amazing flexibility and the intuitive user interface MODX offers your site. With the best practices in SEO, be sure to stay ahead of competition.

Since its inception we’ve been working on MODX and have launched a number of successful sites in the original platform (MODX Evolution) and the new platform (MODX Revolution). Our MODX venture has serviced various kinds of websites, portals, blogs, directories and applications.

Our MODX professionals are highly qualified with years of experience in building successful Web 2.0 sites customized as per the business requirements.

We are your one stop destination for all your MODX needs. Our services include creating new sites, updating or modifying existing MODx site, optimizing the site for search engines and much more.

Our friendly developers are more than willing to assist you in every stage of the development. You can take advantage of our MODX developer’s skills by hiring them to work dedicatedly for your project.

Manage your site better than ever before… Contact us to get your site MODX’d !

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