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AES provides customized Ektron CMS solutions for a wide and varied array of client requirements.

Ektron platform: Ektron version 7.6 | Ektron version 8.6.1
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Ektron Development Services

  • Ektron CMS consulting
  • Ektron Development and Implementation
  • Ektron Integration-DxH
  • Ektron custom control and component development
  • Ektron Mobile Development
  • Ektron UI Designing
  • Responsive design for Ektron
  • Ektron Content Migration
  • Ektron Upgrade (Ektron 8.6)
  • 3rd party Module integration
  • Ektron QA and Testing
  • Ektron Administration and Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Migration to Ektron
  • Ektron troubleshoot and support

Ektron Technologies

  • Javascript
  • PHP

Ease of use

Now managing your site is no call for an IT personnel…it is at your disposal. With Ektron CMS creating, managing and publishing a site cannot get easier. Manage your site on your own… there is no need to worry about the technology. Ektron Pagebuilder has revolutionized the way a page and site is created. User can easily create, edit and manage web contents without any technical assistance.

Integration with other application

Ektron combines with other technology companies to offer a total solution aligned with your business needs. Be it CRM or analytics or localization, Ektron integrates the respective best solution to deliver the desired experience.

Secure and Scalable creations

Its sophisticated architecture enables creation of highly efficient systems that can be effortlessly scaled to suit growing business needs.

Multi-channel delivery

Web access is not limited to desktops anymore. There are several devices that are used for online content consumption. Therefore it is necessary for a website to be accessible by all the available web devices to gain its momentary value. Ektron’s emobile tools offer a complete set of functionality to deliver personalized web experiences for mobile devices.

Speedy delivery

Your client need not wait for months and years to get their desired solution. Ektron provides you a hand in delivering a flawless solution within weeks. Implementing the system with an agile and iterative approach provides a speedy development of the product.

Powerful Ektron

Harnessing the power of Microsoft .Net technology, Ektron aids creation of powerful systems that are highly scalable.

Our Ektron development ensures to deliver amazing multi-channel experiences to your site visitors keeping you well ahead in today’s wild competition. We develop, design and deploy a flexible and scalable Ektron solution for a robust content management.

We offer seamless integration of Ektron solution with other CRM, ERP, Analytics, Marketing Automation Systems, SharePoint etc to derive a value added solution that bestow organizational growth.

We can develop custom controls and components to meet your unique requirements. We are the specialists in playing around with Ektron and make it function the way you want.

Our proven team of Certified Ektron Developers has the expertise and experience to professionally manage the development of your Ektron site. The agile team is well versed with the .NET framework and can twist and turn the technology to handle multi-website scenarios and any size complex projects.

We are privileged to offer you an entire range of Ektron related services including Ektron CMS consulting, Integration, implementation, user interface designing, application optimizing, troubleshooting, support and much more.

There are thousands of Ektron powered sites, be the next to experience a successful venture with Ektron.Be Smart…Get the crafty Ektron solution from AES!

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