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Blog Engine platform: BlogEngine.NET Version 2.6
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BlogEngine Development Services

  • BlogEngine consulting
  • Blog site Development and Implementation
  • BlogEngine Integration-DxH
  • BlogEngine custom control and component development
  • BlogEngine Mobile Development
  • BlogEngine UI Designing
  • Responsive design for BlogEngine
  • BlogEngine Content Migration
  • BlogEngine Upgrade
  • 3rd party Module integration
  • QA and Testing
  • BlogEngine Administration and Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Migration to BlogEngine
  • Troubleshoot and support

BlogEngine Technologies

  • ASP.Net
  • C#.Net
  • AJAX
  • AJAX and Silverlight
  • SQL Server

Simple and Lightweight

BlogEngine.NET features to be the most simple and lightweight ASP.NET CMS for blogs yet possessing all the features required to build an exceptional site.

Powerful .NET Framework

Built on the powerful .NET Framework, the developers can use their existing .NET skills to work on the blog platform to build innovative solutions. The blogging platform is easy to use, straightforward, easy to customize and takes advantage of the latest .NET featues.

Loaded with Features

BlogEngine.NET turns your blog site to an exceptional site loaded with unique features like AJAX comments and screenshot track backs. It also features social bookmarks, OpenSearch support, XFN tags, Micro summaries, Gravatars, coComments, tag cloud, Google sitemap and other Web 2.0 features.

Cool Themes

There are many available eye catching themes that can cause envy to your blog site. A customized theme can be done easily as per the unique requirement.

Just Plug ‘n’ Play

Setting up BlogEngine is a mere cakewalk. After uploading the files to an ASP.NET 2.0 web server, you are ready to go! No need for database configuration. All posts and pages are stored using XML. If a database is required, an SQL Server can be configured.


Complex requirement? With our C# and ASP.NET skills, we can handle any sort of requirement by writing new controls and themes that satisfy your unique requirement.

Using this fully customizable .NET based blogging platform we provide solutions that are straightforward, hassle free and endowed with several capabilities and latest features. We enrich your website’s blog with unique features so that they speak louder than the others. Harnessing the power of WebMatrix we create, customize and publish your BlogEngine site for a trouble free blogging!

Being Microsoft certified professionals, our Blog Engine developers provide unique themes to suit your business personality.

We enrich your site with extensible functionalities by building custom controls that specifically suit your business requirement.

Some of the features implemented include Tag cloud, self updating blogroll, extension model, track backs for SEO, mono support etc. We also create and edit pages that are not blog posts.

Having immense knowledge and experience on the .Net framework, our developers will set you up in no time.

You can hire our BlogEngine developers to work exclusively on your project. We offer flexible hiring models to suit your unique requirements.

Take blogging to a whole new level with AES Blog Engine.Net customization services!

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