The Impact of Local SEO on your business

  • 7. Title and heading tags with meta descriptions
  • Write unique title tags for each page on your website with less than 60 characters. Heading tags (H1, H2…) are used to format contents on the site. Keep the Meta descriptions clear and concise with the use of 130-165 characters.

    Some of the other common local SEO strategies include:

    • Adding local business directories to to-do lists
    • Schema and structured data markup addition to your homepage
    • Local SEO link building
    • Here are the top local SEO trends for businesses;

      Local SEO helps you to drive an enormous amount of foot traffic to your business. Leverage the most prominent local SEO trends to reach your target markets effectively.

      • 1) Proximity can influence local search results
      • Proximity plays a significant role in local search results and is a new way to reach customers. It helps to know the distance of the potential user or the registered address on Google Maps.

      • 2) Create hyper-local content
      • Hyper-local refers to the contents optimized on the website based on the specific neighborhood or part of town where you are in. Some of the relevant reference points can be streets, nearby businesses, subdivisions, and shopping centers. Also, you can blog about the local news and events applicable to your business.

      • 3) On-page SEO handling
      • Use on-page optimization techniques such as Accelerated Mobile Pages, localized images, fast web page speed, etc.

      • 4) Importance of Linked Unstructured Citations
      • Linked unstructured citations are becoming highly significant for local SEO. These citations refer to links with business information on suitable websites. You can get these links through high-quality content and guest blogging.

      • 5) Google will monetize local searches
      • Businesses can expect to see a growing number of ads popping up in Local Searches and Google Maps shortly. Adwords is a preferred choice for businesses of all sizes; Google has started to give priority to paid ads. Hence, running ads can be a valid option for businesses to reach the target markets.

      • Major statistics related to local SEO
        • More than 80% of consumers trust online business reviews
        • 50% of local mobile searchers expect business information listings
        • 46% of Google searches are local
        • Over 95% of PC owners conduct local searches
        • 64% of local customers use directories and search engines as their primary source to find local businesses
        • Why use Local SEO?

          • Local SEO results in a great ROI
          • Local search can grow conversions
          • Local customers can find information about local businesses on desktop and mobile easily
          • Local SEO builds online visibility, drives sales, and increases service customers
          • Site optimization for local searches can deliver more targeted traffic for relevant search terms
          • Local SEO is continuously evolving. The businesses need to stay on top of these trends and incorporate the latest strategies to obtain the best results.

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