The 12 latest SEO trends to know

5. SSL certificate (HTTPS) labeling

The demand for an SSL certificate (HTTPS) will remain as one of the important SEO trends as it helps websites to assure integrity and high-level security as well as obtain better search engine rankings. From July 2018, Google began labeling non-HTTPS websites as ‘Not Secure’. With this, businesses can gain more trust from their customers.

To improve search engine rankings of websites, businesses should depend on a basic SSL certificate as an effective method to secure and safeguard the critical information of online customers.

6. Video marketing

“75% of netizen traffic will be made up of online videos by 2020.”

Video optimization is a highly effective method for improving customer traffic and search engine rankings. Videos can be included in your articles, main landing pages, and major visited product pages to increase conversion rates drastically. Videos can be uploaded in YouTube for optimized page rankings as Google is the parent of YouTube.

Videos are highly effective as well as one of the most powerful means of communication that can turn a visitor to a customer. “Videos will become an important aspect for 75% of internet traffic”, says a 2020 forecast.

Informative and interesting videos can increase user engagement as well as connect with the online audience easily. Compared to text content or audio clips, video marketing can engage customers more efficiently and constructively promote your brands and products thereby boosting your ROI and revenue. It helps businesses to increase brand awareness, generate more leads, build rapport with customers, as well as increase sales.

7. Block chain SEO

Block chain is one of the most innovative and interesting technologies that has evolved during these recent years. Almost every industry has started combining the SEO techniques with block chain technologies to improve website traffic as well as generate leads and increase conversions.

Block chain has started to impact search marketing and digital advertising in multiple ways. Block chain technology allows users to conduct online transactions transparently and securely with consensus algorithms and a distributed ledger to store data in a decentralized format.

Digital marketers use block chain technology to build trust and smooth relationships among their customers and prospects. Since block chain is used to track the data of each user separately, it can assure inbound SEO traffic authenticity for businesses, thereby reducing advertising and marketing frauds. Block chain can be used to validate the SEO backlinks thus results in lead nurturing and signal tracking.

8. Amazon search

A properly implemented Amazon SEO Strategy can fetch higher product rankings on search engine results page. You need to optimize your product listing to rank higher on Amazon. You can increase your product’s visibility and sales by providing complete and appropriate information about the product.

Optimizing Amazon listings is an important strategy that directly impacts rankings. According to a 2017 study, 56% of consumers visit Amazon as the first priority for shopping. 51% of consumers check with Amazon after researching in other eCommerce sites. Hence Amazon plays a predominant role in product discovery and will turn out to be a dominating trend in the future.

9. Latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords are words and phrases used by search engines to understand the web page contents intensely. Google delivers high-quality content only if there are appropriate keywords. Search algorithm by Google uses LSI keywords to discover the search term correlation to your target topic and content quality.

10. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the root foundation of your search engine optimization tactics as it maintains the entire infrastructure of your website. It refers to the process of optimizing websites for crawling and indexing the web pages effectively. The faster the response time of your websites, the better you will make valuable impressions on the search engines. Technical SEO can help search engines to access and interpret your website without any interruptions thereby improving organic rankings in search results.

It involves the technical process involved in improving the search visibility of your business. Technical SEO is used to generate more leads and drive conversions. The most agreeable factor on the Technical SEO is once you have completed the procedures, you will not need to redo again. Technical SEO makes the web crawlers go through the web pages and reverse the URL structure of the website. Technical SEO is an important SEO trend that makes businesses receptive to the public.

11. Website speed optimization

Google delivers the most suitable and appropriate results to its users at a quick speed. Google ensures to monitor and evaluate your page speed and brings optimization as one as of the major metrics to examine your website capabilities. So, to obtain high rankings in Search engine results page (SERP), achieve and maintain an efficient optimization and speed score.

12. Featured snippets

The major reason for website optimization is to reach out to target audience and obtain high rankings in search engine results. Also, it is necessary to optimize your website for Google search experience.

The featured snippets are a form of bulleted or numbered information that provides web searchers with a precise and direct answer to their queries on the top of the search results. The web pages of a website should be optimized for capturing featured snippets that can build more organic traffic and improve customer experience thereby expanding audience reach and increasing conversions. It is one of the most significant trends that are important for a well-organized website.

Thus, SEO trends evolve on a daily basis. It is the responsibility of digital marketers to start adapting to emerging technologies that help to achieve their business goals efficiently.

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