Magento vs. OsCommerce – A Comparative Study

4. Updates, extensibility, and support

OsCommerce is an older version where the community of developers’ work with less potency and updates is released much less frequently. Magento is a modern system that comes up with regular updates that make the website user-friendly and dynamic.

Magento is a well-structured eCommerce platform that comprises of numerous extensions and design themes. It is highly extensible compared to OsCommerce because of its flexibility and modular nature.

The support services are provided through a community of active developers for both Magento and OsCommerce.

5. SEO

Magento is extremely search engine optimizable compared to OsCommerce. Search Engine: Optimizations (SEO), Marketing (SEM), Friendly URLs (SEF) are considered to be the necessary features of any shopping cart software. OsCommerce is SEO friendly only with add-ons and extensions installations. But, Magento provides the abilities to integrate SEO techniques (URL changes, metadata, title tags…) into your storefronts.

6. Prices and costs

Both Magento and OsCommerce platforms are initially free. Magento is more resource-intensive than OsCommerce and will cost more for hosting. OsCommerce requires more extensions to match the functionalities of Magento. Magento offers an enterprise version (paid service) for enterprise organizations.

7. Back-end facilities

Magento has well-organized back-end facilities with good site structure. Though the back-end of OsCommerce is user-friendly for site admin, it has fewer features compared to Magento and does not have an effective code. Magento has an advanced user management tool and WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) editor designed for simplified creation of web contents.

8. Appearance and Design

Every single detail of Magento platforms can be transformed and customized with professional assistance when required. However, there is a possibility to modify the design of OsCommerce but it is a difficult and quite complicated task.

9. Shopping cart

OsCommerce and Magento provide shopping cart facilities to online customers. The Magento shopping cart runs slower due to its heavy codes and the customization of Magento shopping cart is more complicated compared to the shopping cart of OsCommerce.

Why Magento is better than OsCommerce?

Magento is the better option for e-commerce compared to OsCommerce as it allows you to build professional online stores with regular and predictable traffic.

Here are the important elements to be considered that makes you choose Magento for the development of your online store.

  • Multiple Store Management
  • Magento allows users to handle multiple stores in different languages and varied approaches. However, OsCommerce permits users to build and manage only one store to sell their products.

  • Payment Options
  • Magento has a gamut of payment methods that OsCommerce does not have. Magento allows users to receive payments from their online sales via all payment options. Also, it is easy to find special offers and discounts with Magento that offers coupons, product summary, SEO, and additional features.

  • Size of the group
  • Magento is used by a large community of people and a preferred eCommerce platform that has a huge number of developers and client base.

  • Ease of use and support
  • Magento is an easy-to-use platform with a simple toolkit that enables the effective and quick building of online stores. It offers a wide array of top-notch features with responsive and beautiful front-end storefronts. Also, Magento provides round-the-clock support through phone, live chat, community forum, and email whereas OsCommerce offers support via an inquiry system on the forum.

  • Mobile Capabilities
  • Magento offers enhanced mobile user experience that makes merchant websites intuitive and responsive. The mobile version of Magento is free of cost while the mobile version of OsCommerce available in the apps marketplace is to be downloaded and added to an already responsive store.

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