Making business better with Management Information System

With a Management Information System (MIS), your enterprise can gain deeper business insights enabling management in decision making.

The MIS provides the necessary information for right decision making which can improve overall business operations.

At AES, we offer a wide range of MIS solutions including HR& payroll management, customer relationship management, sales tracking, operations, accounts, asset, project management.

Every business is unique and our solutions are tailor made to suit the unique requirements.

With our distinguished solution, companies can ascertain their strengths and weakness and make necessary adjustments to the business processes for improved performance.

A well implemented MIS provide an overall picture of the company and acts as a communication and planning tool.

AES has proven track record in providing MIS solutions to various clients from different domains Our MIS solutions caters to the need of different industries to make their business success.


  • User friendly application that requires minimal/no training
  • Visually appealing easy to understand reports
  • Advanced password security system with hierarchy access
  • Multi-user/ multi-location environment support
  • Easy data storage/ modification/ retrieval
  • Manage errors with a log register


  • Improved business processes and operations through better decision making
  • Align business processes with the help of customer feedbacks
  • Seamless flow of information
  • High quality data which supports decision making