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Our HRMS solution helps to automate and manage the employee database, attendance and Payroll of an organization. The solution caters to manage the organization with single OR multiple units of operations. HRMS provides single platform to collaborate with Human resource management, attendance and payroll processes with easy integration with biometric devices and mobile applications. Solution bundled up with enormous silent features that an organization shall get benefits from the day of implementation.

Human Resource Management

HRMS helps to provide a platform for better business-to-employee communication that leads to a transparent, Consolidated central repository of all employee information that rules out multiple documents.

Interconnected - Data transfer

HRMS works well with any type of time tracking hardware like biometric devices, RFID, smart cards etc. We can install a new time tracking hardware or integrate our solution with your available device.

Simple Step Payroll

Time and error prone manual processes like salary calculations are automated thus reducing administrative time and cost. Simplified work steps and automated elements driven approach will help reduce the redundant process and procedures.

Attendance Management

Significantly reduces time spent on administrative activities thus enhancing individual and corporate productivity. The Time and Attendance module uses the biometric device to capture

The integrated calendar gives every employee an insight about his absence, attendance, OT etc.

Approval Workflows

Approval workflows are triggered when requesters submit a transaction, such as markers. The application hands the transaction over to the Approval Workflow Engine, which finds the appropriate approval process definition and launches the approval workflow. A set of approvers then carry out tasks related to transaction.

Intact Reporting

HRMS comes with pre-configured industry standard reports to enable quick generation of critical reports without waiting upon a team to consolidate the necessary data for reports.

The analytics and reporting tools supports the business leaders and managers to review performance and other metrics related to their employees.


  • Web based solution
  • Integrated with Biometric
  • Extended usability
  • Robustic Reporting
  • Automated Payroll process
  • Scalable workflow and alert management.

User Defined rules

Masters Driven Payroll Software - You define your own rules / business logic. Avoid costly customizations. Powerful and Flexible Business Logic to suit any kind of organization.